Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WoW! Superheroes!

Actual WoW news. Anyone else but me not aware there is a new expansion coming out that will change the way Azeroth looks? There will be some huge cataclysm that remakes all the old stuff you’ve come to know and love.

Shit, I already went through that in Dereth. It still pisses me off that I can never go back to Yanshi again. All that’s left is a big smoking crater. Now they’re looking to do the same thing in WoW? I’ll never get to go back to Darkshore and trap a bear? I’ll never get the fishing skill on its shores?

As you can tell, I consider it a bad move.

You’ll get to play as a werewolf or a goblin now though. And races can be different classes now. That’s where I stopped watching because as much as I loved WoW, I’m bored with it now and have been for years. I do wish they would release an expansion that rekindled my love of the game, but sadly, this isn’t it. In fact, it goes in the opposite direction…


I think I posted quite some time ago I wondered why no one has become the first superhero yet and I think I found the answer.

When was the last time you saw a crime?

Being a superhero would be a lot like playing online poker -hours and hours of waiting for that one good hand (or opportunity) as the case may be. I can see weeks of sitting on a rooftop and seeing nothing. That sounds pretty boring.

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  1. I don't know, back in the day it was pretty cool to log in and see Dereth in chaos, cities torn down and a whole new landscape. Who knows, maybe there will be something interesting in that smoking crater, instead of fishing there will be something new and shiny there to explore. These MMORPGs have to stay fluid or they get stale. Well, in my opinion they get stale anyway but they must be doing something right.

    Sigh...I miss the early days of Darktide.