Friday, April 30, 2010

Asheron's Call

It wasn't just a game, it was an experience that I will never forget. It was the game that made me give up Magic. It consumed me whole in the same sense that Magic did when we first started. It was years and years of amazing fun.

But you can never go home again. Pete just posted on our boards -

"Got this in the mail the other day.

Come Back to Asheron's Call!
If you are having trouble viewing this email, view it online.

There is no better time than right now to come back to where it all began. Asheron's Call has continued to grow and change over the years. Here are just some of the new features we have added to the game for our Spring Update!


Players can now choose to be a Shadow, living among the peoples of Dereth! Isin Dule has harnessed the power of the Lifestones to grant those who want it, a chance at life among those who follow the light! You can read more about the new playable race here!


To celebrate the upcoming wedding, the nobles of Dereth have sponsored artisans to help the citizens look their best. Tailors have appeared in many of the major cities, including Holtburg, Sanamar, Yaraq and Shoushi. These tailors create tailoring kits to enable citizens to customize the look of their armor if the character has an initial armor piece to work from.

Barbers and Hairstyles

In addition, barbers have also set up shop to prepare people for the wedding. These artisans can help you freshen up your look, using their expert techniques to restyle your hair and freshen your look. Their craft is not entirely mundane for they can even change your appearance as they freshen up your look. Located near the tailors, you simply talk to the barbers. If you can pay their price you will find a variety of options appear to allow you to change your style. The barbers are very particular about their time, however. You pay up front, and their fee stands regardless of what look you choose, even if you change your mind and get cold feet.

Multi-Slot Armor

Many blacksmiths have worked their craft in the lands of Dereth and ancient armor can be found all over. It is not uncommon for smiths to create large pieces of armor that offer coverage over multiple areas of the body. To the discerning adventurer trying to create the perfect suit of armor, however, these larger pieces can be inconvenient to fit into their suit even though the piece may have powerful magics and look very good when worn. Smiths have perfected powerful craft magic which will rework these pieces so they are much more efficient and cover less area. This allows adventurers to more easily fit pieces into existing suits.


By researching the ancient writings of Empyrean magic, the Archmages of the Arcanum have unlocked the secrets of a new kind of magical item know as Aetheria. Read more! "

To which I had to reply -

I'll come back when they say "We've reset everything, you can start in Yanshi and macroing is banned! Get here before the snow hits in the first update."

Until then, Magic online. :-)

Because all our adventures started in Yanshi and it was destroyed in some event. I can't imagine playing Asheron's Call without Yanshi.

In fact, I am wondering when they will come out with a MMORPG that advertises it will be reset every six months or every year with a new storyline or even the same one. What do you do in any MMORPG once you reach the level cap? You make up a new character and start over. Why not have that built into the game and have everyone start over again on the same day?

Also, Asheron's call had monthly events that had a compelling storyline and lore. Why not do the same thing and every month have a new chapter and each year you start a new storyline that completes in one year like an online novel?


  1. Got the same easy it would be to fall back into playing. Hell I am even thinking about going back to playing Magic Online! Damn you Jamie Wakefield!!! ;-)


  2. Ah, there is nothing like the first. Logging in to see the ground covered in snow for the first time is the most memorable moment in gaming that I have ever had.

    Corpse runs

    Figuring out spells (before Split Pea) and laughing our butts off when a friend accidentally killed himself with the wrong mixture.

    Getting owned left and right by Ash Gromnies because none of us understood resistance.

    One shotting things with Life Archers.

    And nothing will ever compare to the social paranoia in the early days of Darktide. The first time I ever got PKd was by a guy called "Red Elemental Blast". The irony.


    Bin Ackbar

    Brotherhood of Amn


    The Feared


    The Source

  3. I know of at least one MMORPG that actually does that. It's called "A Tale in the Desert". It's not exactly your usual MMORPG, though. For one, there's basically no combat...

  4. Jamie,

    Had a huge comment... er... comments. Twas too long for this here post. Will email ya. 8-)

    ~ David G

  5. RA for Sister C in the screen shot.

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