Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perhaps you've noticed...

I have a new book out.

Some people can't see the above picture link to Amazon because of ad-blocking software so here's a text link.


Wendy wisely suggested a couple of things.

1. A better description might help. I get complacent thinking that I don't need to advertise myself, forgetting that some people who visit this site might not have any idea who I am or what my writing style is. In fact, my very sophisticated little counter tells me almost 40% of page views are new to the site. So, that said, here's a better description of the book.

"Jamie Wakefield had achieved everything he always wanted. He was happy. He was bored. Then he met Wendy, a woman from his past, now living in Spain. Though he had never even wanted to leave Vermont, Jamie followed his new love to a new country. And found exactly what he needed and never knew he wanted.

This is Jamie's humorous and moving description of his soul's rebirth and his breathless wonder at this new world. He takes us along as he discovers that Europeans, in fact, aren't just like Americans. That fish eyes, goose barnacles, and octopus are actually delicious. He shares the complete agony of learning Spanish at forty-one, his awe at the grand and ancient scale of European architecture, and his amazement at falling in love with the drama of a tiny man staring down a twelve-hundred pound bull.

From the back cover: "Do you know they eat babies in Europe? Yeah, every chance they get. Suckling goat, suckling pig, suckling lamb, you name it, if it's on its mother's teat they can't wait to pull it off and roast it over a roaring fire.

Do you know what it's like to have a two-hundred pound cow, with horns, slam into your knees and throw you over its back completely ignoring the cape you're waving in front of it? Because I do, and let me tell you, that is not the fun part of a capea.

Do you know the patron saint of Segovia looks just like Gandalf and turned back advancing Moors intent on attacking the city by drawing a line in the sand with his staff and shouting "You shall not pass!"?

You may also be amazed to know that if you accidentally create a six foot high flame in your barbeque and Madrid firemen in full gear climb four flights to your apartment and find no fire (called in by two neighbors) they will not fine you but actually compliment you on how well the steak is cooked?"

Author Description: Jamie became a legend in the Magic: The Gathering community for his self-deprecating wit and laugh out loud commentary about an ordinary guy taking on and living the extraordinary. His first book, Quest for the Pro Tour, describing his attempts to make it to the first Magic Pro Tour has a five star rating on Amazon, is a classic of the genre and has been described as "the best Magic book, EVER." Now Jamie takes us into his new life living out a dream he never knew he had.

Jamie has a BFA in Writing from Johnson State College. He has been a popular columnist and contributing editor for Scrye & The Duelist magazines, the Dojo and StarCityGames.com. His blog www.jamiewakefield.com receives twenty thousand hits a year. Jamie splits his time between Vermont and Madrid with his fiancée Wendy.

Amazon and CreateSpace seem to be slow to update or out-of-sync somehow. Amazon is saying from my book page that there isn't a Kindle version available, but there is. Also available from Amazon.

I'm looking into it but for now you can click the link below to order the Kindle version.


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  1. I respect your choice in not using the picture of Wendy in the Swiss Alps lederhosen outfit as your cover picture. Yes, using that picture would have tripled your overall sales, but you stood the moral high ground and resisted temptation.