Thursday, April 29, 2010

Signs, Tequila and a Wedding.

This is a slightly older picture, but it looks sort of weddingish.

Well, I’m totally obsessed with Magic again. I used to get up, read some web comics, check out some politics, check out some MMA forums and possibly post on them. I would do this until coffee kicked in and then I would get to work.

Nowadays I get up, turn on the computer and immediately go to Magic Online to play some games while I sip coffee. I still check the news and check MMA websites during the day but for much less time than I used to. Wendy and I are playing Magic on the terrace at night after work gets done as well.

Yup. Totally hooked again.

In other news – Yesterday was an interesting day. I took a sign two feet wide and almost as tall as I am and walked around Madrid, standing in different spots where there is people traffic and advertised a free sample of my new book that is 18 pages long. Two hours later I had handed out two.

One guy was very polite and said it was a great idea, very innovative, wished me the best of luck and said he would write me if he and his girlfriend liked it. On the way home I was holding the sign sideways and a group of Americans were sitting at a little café and a girl cocked her head sideways to try and read it. I stopped and put it upright so she could. They liked the title and I asked if her if she would like a sample, she said yes. I asked if anyone else would like one and one girl said “Do we get a shot of Tequila with it?"

Sure, everyone who takes a free chapter gets a shot of Tequila! I’ll pay for the paper, the toner, the sign, two hours of my time and twenty Euro’s in shots so you guys can get something I hope you'll enjoy for free.

Let me introduce you to a little thing called profit margin…

No. No you don’t get a shot of Tequila for taking something for free.
Another guy said “We’re all together, we’ll share that one and that way you can distribute more.”

That guy gets a shot of Tequila.

Well, he should, but he didn’t.

I have to make this short today because I have to shower and get back out there in an hour and see if the tourists by the palace are more receptive. Let’s talk about the wedding for a second.
We don't want to lose the fact that this is essentially a celebration, of Wendy and I, of our life together now and into the future-and the best way for us to do that is to be surrounded by those whose love & friendship have made us who we are.

While there are events every day, not much of it is very formal or follows the traditional style of wedding. There is not going to be a chicken dance. There will be no money dance. Anyone starting a conga line will be shot and thrown in the trout pond. There will be no throwing of the garter. There is no best man, nor is there a wedding party. Wendy may not even be doing the bride walk in. We’re finalizing things like that now.

There will be a Pastor. There will be a short ceremony. There will be a cutting of the cake. There will be a very nice dinner and dancing at the reception afterwards. There will be an open bar for beer and wine. If you want shots, you’re on your own.

Since there is a riding stable as part of the resort, I very much wanted to ride to the ceremony bareback on a horse. Sadly, they won’t let me. They say I can do it if I use a saddle, but how impressive is that? Not very. Besides, the current plan we have makes it better if I don’t arrive first and stand and wait for the bride, so it’s for the best anyway.

And now I must go out and pimp myself. Err… I mean, market myself.

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