Thursday, April 15, 2010

Magic Wedding Registry

In researching how to promote my book (this entire week's project) I am pointed towards "tags" and "listmania" on In trying to make a list, I say to Wendy, who is making a salad ten feet away, "Hey, we can do our wedding registry right on Amazon."

"I'm waiting for you to ask if you can register for Magic cards."

"Hahahaha... Wait. Yes." Or better yet, Magic Online gift cards...

Oh the wheels they are a turnin'...

Looked over the Eldrazi spoiler today and it's like Wizards is "drunk-dialing" me. You know, when you've had too much to drink and you call up an old girlfriend and beg her to take you back and swear things will be different? How she was the best thing in your life? Remind her how great things were.

Yeah WOTC, I see what you're doing. I see those behemoths and those green mana producers and that 8/8 trample worm that only mono green could ever play. Oh, I see all of that, you devious temptress.

Wait, did you just post a listing of Secret Force as your deck of the day?

I'm going to have some drinks and call Mark Rosewater.


  1. Y'know, I was just thinking this set has King of the Fatties written all over it...

  2. I considered the creation of EDH the Jamie Wakefield drunk dial of all time, actually.

    Check out my Rofellos deck when you get a chance. It's nothing but fat bastards. I thought of you when I pieced it together. Spoiler warning: while you were away, Verdant Force lost its title of Best Fatty Ever Printed™. At least, according to me. :P

  3. Oh, and yeah, those new Eldrazi behemoths are pretty ill. They screwed up on Pathrazer of Ulamog though. People can/will abuse it in Reanimator strategies.