Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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At the 1:10 mark of this video you will think "Did she just...?" And yes, yes she did. And others do too. Especially the two girls on the blanket. at 1:35. So bizarre, so bizarre. Beautiful voice, good song, nice video, just strange.

I’ve always wanted to show people where I live. Luckily, someone has done it for me. This video highlights not only where we live, but where we eat and the neighborhoods we visit. With about two minutes of changes this would have been a video I made to show you our neighborhood.


45 seconds – Wendy’s favorite breakfast when we’re traveling.

1:04 – Puerta del Sol is a five minute walk from our apartment. We do most of our shopping at El Corte Ingles there.

1:41 – Wendy and I go jogging through here and I advertised my books to tourists in front of the palace. Also 5 minutes from where we live. Our apartment is awesome because it’s close to everything but far enough away from events to be quiet at night.

2:25 – Plaza Mayor is between our apartment and Puerta del Sol. We go through there often and it is usually filled with tourists and living statues trying to make a buck. Some of them are very inventive, others are just stupid. The other day I saw a guy in a gorilla suit sitting on a stuffed deer. What the hell is that?

3:10 – We have never had one of these because we don’t get it. While we like calamari, the last thing we want is fried, breaded calamari on bread. Bread overdose.

3:31 We have been to all these museums and I find Picasso’s Guernica amazing, but, we’re not museum people.

5:41 One of our favorite restaurants- Casa Lucas. He never says the name, but we can tell from the waiter and the tables where he is at. Three minute walk from our apartment.

6:19 The Tio Pepe sign again, which is an odd, but famous landmark in the Plaza del Sol. Tio Pepe is a very fine sherry.

7:14 Just past the Puerta del Sol is the Gran Via. Part of which we refer to as “the prostitute street” which has done thriving business for hundreds of years. Unlike Montreal, the prostitutes don’t approach you, they just stand and wait for customers, smoking and talking amongst themselves. Prostitution, like marijuana, is semi-legal in Spain. Even my teachers can’t explain it in detail. The closest I can come to explaining it is, it’s illegal to be a dealer or a pimp. You can’t sell women, but they can sell themselves. You can’t sell marijuana, but it’s okay if you have it on you in limited quantities. There is a police station on this street and we often see them having casual conversations with the women waiting for customers.

7:19 - Chueca. A very entertaining neighborhood where we go for special events and the best seafood in Madrid.

7:34 Malasana – I don’t think we have ever been there.

8:04 Chocolateria San Gines – We walk by there every time we go to the grocery store and have eaten churros there at 5:00 a.m..

8:37 – He’s not kidding. No one sleeps in Madrid, It’s insane. I don’t know how they function. (All detailed in my book, link to the right )

8:45 – We have never been to this despite it being five minutes from our house. Wendy and I have enough stuff, we don’t need more.

9:26 – La Latina is the neighborhood right next to us. It is INSANE on Thursday and Saturday with college students, parties, and gatherings of youth in the plaza’s playing instruments and drinking beer until five a.m. Very popular neighborhood.

9:38 – Vermouth is disgusting.

10:00 We’ve been here once and I don’t know why we haven’t returned. The food was amazing and I had the featured dish, although I didn’t eat all those beans, just the meat and veggies.

10:42 – A long-ass walk, good for burning off calories and a very, very nice green space in Madrid. We love this place and love the walk down to it. One of the best parks I have ever been to.

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  1. Jamie, no way...never been to Malasaña? home of "la movida madrileña"??? Bar Penta, La Via Lactea, Tupperware, plaza 2 de mayo, calle Pez??? the quintessence of Madrid's nighlife.