Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

As you can tell from the lack of updates – we are in Vermont, continuing to plan the wedding, meet with carpenters, landscapers, electricians and whatever you call a guy who redoes the stones in your driveway.

For those regular readers, you will know that I am going to have an operation on my eyes to replace the lenses and put in artificial lens that will never wear out and my vision will never deteriorate with age.

I am very excited.

In the meantime, my eyesight continues to deteriorate and I continue to 1) bitch about it and 2) need stronger and stronger reading glasses. Except they’re not reading glasses because I wear them from dawn to dusk.

Wendy suggests I get contacts.

“Those are like six hundred dollars. At least, they used to be.”

“Why don’t you look into it?”

I am surprised by what I find. I make an appointment at the nearest Lenscrafters. Guess how much an eye exam and disposable contacts that last 2-4 weeks costs?

Go ahead. Guess.



It takes me ten minutes to get the first one in. My eyes are so irritaded I have to take them out after three hours. This is normal. The next day it takes me almost half an hour to get them in. I have to take them out after two hours. The next day I look online for tips on how to put in contact lenses and find out a magnifying mirror is best to look into. Luckily, we have a nice one hanging on the wall upstairs for Wendy’s make-up. I get the right one in on the first try. The left one takes me a bit, but holy God what a difference. I am able to leave them in the whole day, moisturizing my eyes every couple hours.

Wendy thinks I look hot without glasses.

That’s a good thing.


  1. Ah, I remember trying contacts for the first time. Think it was like a two hour ordeal that ended with me going through about 6 bottles of saline and eyes so red and tender I couldn't see anything anyway. It's a piece of cake now. G'luck!

  2. I got them for Amelia at her last eye appointment. It took her 2 visits to figure out how to get them in. It still takes her awhile to get them in because she doesn't wear them often. She is a little young for them, she just turned 11, but we got them because playing soccer in the rain with glasses on SUCKS!! Good Luck with the surgery! I had eye surgery about 5 years ago and it was money very well spent!!

  3. We can rebuild him — we have the technology