Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank you Raja

Craig forwarded me your letter.

You made my week.

Thank You.


P.S. I know people will ask so here it is a portion of what I am talking about. While the SCG forums are aflame with negativity about my articles, decks and playstayle,my editor forwarded me a very complimentary email. This is a small section that really made my day.

"I sincerely hope that you continue to encourage Mr. Chapin and Mr. Wakefield to write articles for your site that actively address issues beyond The Red Zone. They make your site stand out from the competitors in a very, very positive way. And I can say without any reservation that even if you got rid of every other writer besides Chapin and Wakefield and published a mere two articles a week, theirs alone would be worth renewing my Premium membership."

Again, Thank you Raja.



  1. Hmmm... I wonder how many of those 'flamers' have made the pro tour?

  2. wakefield-

    we've been missing you at qstaff. when you coming back up?

    -Zach Rivers

  3. Your articles are the only reason I'm thinking about renewing my subscription. But as I'd only be ready for the bits around the deck lists I'm not sure I'm going to bother :(