Thursday, August 12, 2010

I know you're waiting...

The wedding was more than I could have imagined. There was never a moment when I wanted some time to myself. There was never a time when I felt like I was on stage and taking care of everyone else.

It was three days of bliss that I didn't want to end.

No one told us about the comedown.

We planned so much. We laughed so hard. We had so much fun.

And now it's over. How odd...

I have five pages of notes that will turn into a fifteen page entry. So many great sayings, so many funny moments, so much fun and dancing and laughter. And now it's all done... How odd...

It's been an emotional week that we never expected. I have a ring on my finger that means the world to me. I feel its weight, I twist it, I look at it's beauty and I think "I have wanted this for years."

So why are we sad?

Well, for one thing, it's done. It's all over and it was magnificent.

For another, my friend Tommy Phelps passed away Tuesday morning.

It's been an emotional week.


  1. Congrats, condolences, et cetera.

    Also, pics or GTFO obv.

  2. We had a wonderful time. Thanks to you both!

  3. Congratulations to both of you! Did they serve jamon and tentacle at the reception?

  4. I am truly sorry for your loss and hope he went peacefully.


  5. Bummer about the loss Jamie. I hope it did not overshadow the joy of your wedding. Can't wait for the details, pics, etc.