Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Pictures

For those not on Facebook, this is the site Wendy has chosen for everyone to upload their photos and videos.

These are not the professional photographer's pictures but all our wonderful friend's photos.


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  1. So, no one is going to care about this, but I write it anyway.
    I’ve been away from Magic for quite a while. Not really “away” since in my opinion you never really leave Magic. But I sold all my cards and only drafted let’s say once every couple of months in MODO.
    Now my life is sort of back in shape, I am taking a cooking course which will last one year and give me a useful piece of paper to start doing something I really like and make a profession out of it, I moved to Mexico City, I am enjoying life and becoming decent at starcraft 2. And decided to take up magic again with M11 drafts.
    One of the things I did was looking up starcitygames for the authors I used to read and like. And I was exhilarated to see that the King of Fatties was still writing! And his blog is still up too! And I recalled all of the old stuff, and the green decks, and Madrid, and Timbermare, and I just wanted to say that I am happy to see you still writing and deckbuilding and enjoying life. I send you a virtual hug and a high-five, and thank you for still being around.