Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hell Bent for Leather

Holy crap, connection overload!

I’m going to have to learn how to be more snarky, condescending and just plain mean. I just have too many friends!

I do my best to keep up with emails, especially important ones that need a response right away, but every now and then I let things slide. I had a couple I needed to answer this morning and decided I would catch up on a bunch from the past I should have answered. It’s ninety minutes later and I have just hit “select all” then “delete.”

I just can’t do it! I have too many friends and Facebook has made it even worse.

Which is why Twitter continues to baffle me - who has the time? I don’t have the ability to keep up with meaningful emails much less type or read a random thought every twenty minutes. With an internet connection there are already constant distractions or websites I meant to check on in the middle of writing - like right now, I just remembered I wanted to look up where the phrase “hell bent for leather” came from. There was a guy yesterday who went flying by me on a bike, down the hill, steps and all and I thought “he is hell bent for leather.” How do you translate that into Spanish and where did that saying originate? You can find that answer and many more at the link below -

To bolster my point, I could sign up to Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed and read how he’s having a latte somewhere, or I could read the article Wendy just linked me to that actually educated me and bolstered something I already believe.,8599,1893946,00.html

(And just so you know, I’ve never done anything harder than marijuana and that was some time ago.)

The point is, as I’m writing I already have enough distractions and if they come through my computer I want them to be worth it.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I have been focusing a majority of my time on playing and writing about Magic as well as editing “Secret Force: Quest for the Pro Tour II.” I am finally done with the editing and have started uploading files and cover art and descriptions to CreateSpace, will soon order a proof to look over and hopefully the book will be available in early November.

And since Doug S. continues to hound me for pictures of the dog (sorry for the bad pun) here’s a picture of the world’s largest dachshund with Wendy and I. The wine was the result of a scavenger hunt at Don and Bobbie Balou’s and it was our wedding gift.


  1. That is a GREAT photo! The world's largest smiley posessed dachshund!


  2. Twitter is pretty convenient for me. I follow the podcasts I listen to so I can see when they're updated. Also, ShitMyDadSays was pretty funny when it was being updated.

  3. Agree with keeping up on everything, it's pretty hard. I used to do a lot of that tracking as part of my job, I used a web browser called Flock that does a lot of the organization for you and keeps all the relevant RSS feeds organized and over to the left. If you run firefox you can port all your bookmarks straight into it, no problem. It does get overwhelming (I was getting at least 800 updates a day) but the point is to parse through it quickly. Manages media files online too, though I never used that function. I don't use it anymore though. iGoogle does the RSS part, hosts facebook, my calender, Google Reader, and it's portable (works on PC, my GF's PC, my phone etc.)

    Good luck on your legacy chase - Was thinking instead of verdoloth you might want to go for Avenger of Zendikar... I don't play legacy at all but looking at the deck database on SCG dumping out a ton of tokens as chumpers seems like a plan, especially if you can Primal titan the next turn.
    Wondering if the green hideaway land might be good as well for extra oomph, or is that too slow?

  4. "Which is why Twitter continues to baffle me - who has the time?"

    Vapid, vacuous narcissists.

  5. I am satisfied. For now. ;)