Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I will be playing Secret Force this Saturday in Madrid.

I am very excited.


  1. Hey Jamie,

    I am a HUGE fan of your writing.

    So, will it be classic Secret Force, or have you updated it?

    I am looking forward to hearing about the Tournament.

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  3. Deck list? If you're not main decking 4 Chalice of the Void and 4 Trinisphere, you'll probably have a rough outing.

    [I have said it before, I will say it again...Blogger needs an edit button.]

  4. Any idvice you can give would be great since this will be an updated SF using everything available to me.

  5. EricH, thanks man. I'll be writing a report about it and it will be up on SCG soon afterwards.

  6. I should preface this by saying I have not played a single game of Legacy since May, so whatever advice I give is going to be at least somewhat off with regards to current tier decks.

    Basically, this archetype is the closest competitive deck to the Secret Force of old. It still has mana accelerators and utility creatures, only now it supplements the beatdown with disruptive artifacts. Without disruption, you have basically no chance against something like ANT (which is probably going to be a bad match up regardless).

    Progenitus has taken the place of Verdant Force. There's really no substitute for Progenitus. A deck without Progenitus must take a very different approach to winning than one that includes Prog. But in terms of priced to own fatties that aren't completely terrible, Woodfall Primus was my default Natural Order target in Rofellos EDH for a while. Cloudthresher helps vs. Faeries and whatnot. Really though, unless you can get a Progenitus, I wouldn't play Secret Force at all.

    As far as sideboarding goes, this is pretty important. You'll want to have stuff that hoses CounterTop decks (Krosan Grip, Choke, etc.), stuff that wipes out graveyard strategies to hose Dredge and Reanimator (I find Ravenous Trap greatly superior to Tormod's Crypt but make do with what you have), and then maybe Sphere of Resistance/Thorn of Amethyst against combo. Kitchen Finks are quite good vs. aggro and far from terrible vs. everything else, which is why you see them popping up main deck. Compost is great vs. Eva Green. Legacy Stax is pretty terrible and I don't know that you have to try that hard to beat it. Faeries are annoying and the popularity of Sower of Temptation is one of the main reasons I wouldn't go near Verdant Force. Merfolk pretty much suck. Iona-ReAnimator is easily one of your worst match ups. Unless they walk into Ravenous Trap, you have no chance. Loam-Pox is kinda tough, I think. You might want to have at least one other creature in play when you Natural Order so they can't Innocent Blood/Edict Prog.

    There are definitely people much better qualified to offer advice on Legacy than me. You should probably have a look around if you haven't already. They have a lot of primers and whatnot.

  7. Oh yeah, Terastodon is a decent N.O. target as well.

  8. Jamie, as far as I know, Spanish metagame tends to favor agro decks.

    It's not strange to find an agro deck making his way in the top 8. I'm not sure about this but maybe it means that you will be facing lots of agrocontrol decks and combo is not common.

    Perhaps this link could help .

    Also you should check That tournament took place last weekend so we're still waiting for an analysis of it, but it should help you.

    Also .... I think that I should mention this deck: VENOM STOMPY.

    - 3 Noble hierarch.
    - 4 Ichorclaw Myr
    - 4 Necropede
    - 4 Blight Mamba
    - 4 Plague Stinger
    - 4 Vector asp
    - 1 Hand of the magistrates

    - 4 Rancor
    - 4 Vines of Vastwoof
    - 4 Invigorate
    - 4 Berserk

    - 4 Bayou
    - 1 Forest
    - 1 Swamp
    - 2 Pendelhaven
    - 3 Ancient tomb
    - 4 Verdant catacombs
    - 1 Marsh Flats
    - 3 Misty rainforest
    - 1 Savanah


    - 3 Krosan grip
    - 2 Diabolic edict
    - 3 Mark of Asylum
    - 3 Mindbreak trap
    - 3 Relic of progenitus
    - 1 Snuff out

    I think this deck suits you well :) In the last eternal weekend :

    Ronda 1 Bant Countertop, Win
    Ronda 2 Bant Countertop, Win
    Ronda 3 GW Maverick, Win
    Ronda 4 Big Zoo, Lose
    Ronda 5 Trasgos, Win
    Ronda 6 UB Tritones, Lose
    Ronda 7 BGW Rock, Win
    Ronda 8 UG Survival Madness, Lose

    Lot of people have noticed it but not everybody, so I think you could have a chance with it.

    Players are talking about:

    - 1 Hand of praetors / +1 Noble hierarch or Livewire Lash.

    - SIDE:

    - 2 snuff out.
    - 2 doom blade
    - 4 nature's claim
    - 4 mark of asilum
    - 3 Mindbreak trap

    This deck have problems against boros/RDW, but some people have noticed that RDW is a tier 2 and perhaps it could be better add duress/ krosan grip to have a better chance against tier 1 decks and skip the match against RDW.

    I'm sorry for my english. It's being years since a wrote something in english. I'm just a spanish fan of your work trying to help.

  9. Your English is excellent.

    Thank you for all of the information. I'll be playing at Evolution by Opera this weekend and I'll have to hope their metagame is the same. That sounds like a great environment for my style of decks.

    Thanks for the links. Thanks for the pairings list. Thanks for the deck list.

    Hasta luego!


  10. I think the metagame would be the same or even better for you. I think that in Spain small tournaments tend to attract more agro players.

    Mucha suerte!

  11. Make sure you are packing some Vexing Shushers, progenitus (as mentioned above) and a full set of Wall of Roots somewhere in your 75.

    Good luck!

  12. Vexing Shushers are a fantastic card, especially in a world inhabited by Counterbalance & Sensei's Top. Force of Will can be baited/played around, but the Counter-Top lock is an abomination on the game... Shusher counteracts this very nicely and either draws removal (thereby saving something bigger and more threatening) or is a bear (never a bad thing & potentially quite handy if you utilize the equipment). I second the 'play Progenitus' campaign. The card may have all colors in his (theoretical) casting cost but is green to his gills - giant, game-breaking, combat oriented and inevitable (although I have lost after resolving him >.>). Wall of Roots is another solid, solid card in a Natural order deck (and an aggro metagame). Getting Natural Order on Turn 3 consistently, while stopping/slowing early Nacatls & Goyfs (lions, tigers, and bears...) is very good for your win percentage & your enjoyment quotient.

    Oh, and postscript, Shusher has the neat ability to both ignore any Chalices & such, but also allow your stuff to be cast through a Chalice :)

  13. Hey!

    I've always enjoyed your writing and we something in common besides MTG: I moved to Madrid to be with my Spanish Fiancée too!

    I've been to the Evolution store before, and if your gonna go back to play; please post it on this blog or Starcity Games! I'd love to meet, chat and of course play some Legacy :)


  14. Congrats for the blog Jamie, very inspiring!

    Just popping up to say that you really need to play 1 Progenitus. The chance of drawing it <<<<<< the "oops, I win" moments it will give you.

    And if you still fear drawing it, play some Fauna Shaman/Survival of the Fittest or Nostalgic Dreams.

    Keep it up!

  15. Have you considered replacing overrun with Overwhelming Stampede?

  16. I just wanted to say thanks for writing Jamie. I was out of Magic for a long time and now that I'm back and have dove head first into reading everything on Magic that I can again, I was relieved to see that you're still writing. Partly because I enjoy your writing and partly because it makes me feel like maybe I haven't been out of the game so long after all. Thank you for being that familiar, entertaining face. Also, best of luck with your Spanish ;)

  17. Have you thought about using the new "natural order" from M11, Overwhelming stampede? It gives all your creatures +x/+x where X is the greatest power among creatures you control and trample for the same 5 mana... In a deck filled with fat, it could make that spell slot more lethal...

  18. Dear Mr Wakefield,
    I truley enjoy your articles on starcitygames and you are one of the reasons that I actually still read the site. Also I want to let you know that you seem to be the inspiration for me to pursue legacy...thank you and keep up the great articles.