Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hollywood Myths

I was going to say “they’re funny”, but they’re not.

1. Putting Duck tape over someone’s mouth stops them from talking. It doesn’t. Try it. You can use your tongue to push it off your lips quite easily. You can also just open your mouth and the tape will let go. Try that too. The only way Duck tape would act as a silencing agent would be if you wrapped it around someone’s head multiple times. Maybe not even then.

2. Stuffing a cloth in someone’s mouth acts as a gag. Again, not even a little. A tongue can easily push the cloth out and allow you to shout. Now, Duck tape plus cloth plus wrapping around someone’s head multiple times would probably do the trick.

3. You don’t fall to the ground and die instantly when shot in the heart. The heart provides life giving oxygenated blood to your organs, to your muscles and to your brain. The brain lives for six minutes after it has been deprived of oxygen. It will remain conscious for two or even three of those minutes. If you’re shot in the heart, yeah, you’re probably going to die, but you have about two to three minutes of life and movement left in your body to either spasm, attack your attacker, write something, or run to someone who might be able to help. Now, being shot in the head, well, you’re done that instant.

4. Myth not related to Hollywood.
I am not wrong in calling it Duck Tape.


"The first name for Duct Tape was DUCK. During World War II the U.S. Military needed a waterproof tape to keep the moisture out of ammunition cases. So, they enlisted the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division to manufacture the tape. Because it was waterproof, everyone referred to it as “duck” tape (like water off a duck’s back). Military personnel discovered that the tape was good for lots more than keeping out water. They used it for Jeep repair, fixing stuff on their guns, strapping equipment to their clothing... the list is endless.

After the War, the housing industry was booming and someone discovered that the tape was great for joining the heating and air conditioning duct work. So, the color was changed from army green to the silvery color we are familiar with today and people started to refer to it as “duct tape*.” Therefore, either name is appropriate.

Today, Duck® brand Tape is manufactured by Henkel Consumer Adhesives. After thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the hundreds of duct tapes on the market, we have found Duck® brand Tape to be the most consistent in quality.”


  1. Wow... that's very interesting. Now I Have more stuff to talk about to donors at work.

    Incidentally, do you know how WD-40 got it's name? No fair googling it.


  2. Uh, you seem to know a lot about gagging people.

  3. When I was in the Army they called the green version of duck tape 'hundred mile an hour' tape. Nobody ever told me why. They also called the guy at home who is having sex with your wife "Jodi", I never figured out why the guy at home had a woman's name either.

  4. FWIW, it's not so much the shot to the heart, as all the internal damage you'll take from the shock wave following the bullet and its tremendous slowdown and tumble when it enters you.

    That's why an M-16, at .227 caliber, is so deadly; it travels fast...up until it doesn't. Then, all that force has to go somewhere, and it does so through all the organs in your midsection, turning them into pink pudding.

  5. duck-taping hands is also pretty ineffective as well, unless you use a ton of it. duck tape is pretty easy to rip apart from the sides and stretch some. I actually spent some time taped to a good friend to prove the point :-)

  6. Wow nice Sharing, expecting more