Sunday, December 26, 2010

Avatar Rocks and Thor goes to fat camp.

Avatar rocks and the little dog is going to fat camp.

Maybe you haven’t seen it but when Avatar was released, many people compared it to Pocahontas.

White guy goes native and falls in love with an Indian (Native American.)

Wendy gave me the three disc extended version on Blu-Ray for Christmas and we just watched it this morning. What a great start to the day. I thought after seeing it for the second time (in the theatre) that I had absorbed it all. I really didn’t need to see it again, but thought it one of my favorite movies. James Cameron is The Man. In my next life, I’m not coming back as a writer, but a writer/director. Wait… How about I follow my own advice and just do that now? Humans live a long damn time and it’s not too late.

Anywhoo… what a work of art. Just amazing. I loved it more on the third viewing than I did on the first.

Those that compare it to Pocahontas, did you miss the part where the protagonist is paralyzed and finds new experiences in a new body? That the GOD of this world chooses him as the chosen one? Or the part where his love is a warrior princess? Or the part where he tames and RIDES A DRAGON? Or the fact he never brings his bride back to meet Queen Elizabeth? Or the part where the industrial military complex is destroyed by a world’s GOD? Did those subtle changes in the story escape you?


Nine feet tall, blue, riding a dragon, wielding a machine gun and attacking helicarriers. Huh. I don’t remember that in Pocahontas…

Anyway, I loved it, thank you Wendy.

Tomorrow we leave for the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa, which remind me of Alaska. Not connected at all to Spain and yet, somehow, part of Spain.

The little dog will be boarded and hopefully lose some weight and get socialized with other dogs. Having been attacked multiple times by a sheltie and then a pit bull, he is terrified of other dogs. Even puppies. When going on a walk if he sees another dog he tries to go in the opposite direction, usually towards home.

We will be doing lots of scuba diving and I will hopefully not have a panic attack. (Wendy is already an experienced diver.) I will also hopefully be doing lots of updating.


  1. Hey Jamie:

    If you have not seen it already, get your hands on a copy of "How to Train Your Dragon". It has a lot of the elements you really liked about Avatar!

    - Ben

  2. SCUBA is addicting! Just stay above 100', and when you inevitably fail to stay above 100', don't get hyperexcited and blow your air consumption.