Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review and spoilers: Inception

1. If I had the power to enter and control dreams there would be a lot more oiled up and bi-curious women.
2. Some guy rudimentarily trained in psychic self defense shouldn’t able to hold off six guys who are ninjas in this particular art.
3. If I could shape reality, I wouldn’t bend architecture, I would be the Hulk, Superman or God.
4. What a waste of Ellen Page’s talent. One of the best actresses ever- reduced to a bit part.
5. Any movie involving Leonardo Decaprio should end with him dying a horrible death. I just hate that guy. Sorry.
6. The one cool thing about that film was Marion Cotillard playing Leonardo’s wife and when she appeared, they played the music from Édith Piaf in “La vida en rosa” (2007), Cotillard was able to gain both critical appraisal as well as commercial success. For her powerful performance she has won numerous awards, including Oscar, Cèsar, Bafta and Golden Globe as best leading actress. That was very clever.
7. I tried to accept their premise of how dreams work but I just couldn’t. Dreams are not just some alternate reality that you can slightly alter. We all dream. We all know this. They are crazy insane places where our sub-conscious explodes. If you can control that, go wild. If you can enter someone else’s dream you’re not going to be sipping coffee in Paris.
8. Thank God for Internet Tethering. Otherwise, you wouldn't be seeing this.
9. Writers write because they have to write. Wendy is falling asleep and I HAD to post this before going to sleep.
10. There is no spoon.


  1. I agree that Ellen Page is super awesome, I just disagree that her role was a waste of her talent. Her character really made the movie for me.

  2. #7: Look up Lucid Dreaming. It's doable, and when I was making the efforts to go Lucid while dreaming, I was able to do so about twice a week.

    #11: I'm a huge fan of Christopher Nolan films, and this is the first of his that just left me flat. There's one interpretation of the movie that I feel works, but the regular (was he/wasn't he) interpretation I don't feel holds up under scrutiny.

    - Ben

  3. I was ready to be blown away by this movie and that didn't happen. There were some good scenes and impressive imagery but it didn't seem like anything we hadn't seen before. It has been over a decade since I have seen Dark City or Jacob's Ladder, so maybe my memory is tainted, but I remember similar scenes in both of those movies, this seemed like a mashup of those plus The Matrix. Poor Marion, I bet she hit her artistic peak with her stunning portrayal of Piaf, she really lost herself in that role.

  4. hey can you chek out my poem and tel hows it.thank you

  5. Nope, Not seeing it. Thanks for saving me J. You know I only like movies where someone dies horribly at the end ie. Braveheart, Gladiator and I can not seem to remember the latest one...Hmph.
    Though I did love the Matrix!

  6. Jezus you thought Page was wasted?

    What about Michael Cain, or Pete Postlethwaite or Ken Watanabe? those guys are all 10 times the actor Page will ever be and they were reduced to bit parts and flat characters.

  7. It's good to know that geeks the world around can appreciate how much of an affront to all things mystical and science fiction this film was.
    This film is just a taste of the terrible that can expected from a film industry that cares more about visual effects, 3D and selling tickets than it does about character work or plot. Jamie, check out Tron and see how sad that one makes you. I felt like I should get Jeff Bridges a card expressing my condolences or something.

  8. I'm glad to finally find people that agree with me about Inception! Great minds...