Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Swan

Spoiler warning – I am going to talk about what happens throughout the whole film.

Wendy has wanted to see Black Swan for a while and we finally saw it last night. I know it got good reviews but what I knew of the plot (almost nothing) didn’t intrigue me. About thirty minutes in, I was captured. The only thing that bothered me was the only expressions on Natalie Portman’s face were “vulnerable” and “frightened.” Surely there has to be more to it than that. We took a break to put the little dog out and it all came together for me. “Oh, she’s the white swan.” Duh.

I looked forward to seeing her gain some control, become independent from her mom, explore her sensual side, gain some confidence, freedom and master the role of the black swan. I eagerly awaited the rest of the movie.

None of that happens.

Instead, things happen to her, not by her. She does defy her mother but any other experiences she have come from a drug induced haze by her friend (Mila Kunis) slipping something into her drink. From here the movie takes a turn for the weird. It reminded me of American Psycho where we are shown scenes that are supposedly happening to the protagonist, but none of it is real.

Black Swan goes there.

She brings her friend back to the apartment and they have a lesbian scene.

She gets up late in the morning and her friend is gone. When she sees her, Mila tells her she never came home with her and says “Did you have a lesbian fantasy about me? I hope I was good.”

It becomes one crazy scene after another that turns out not to be reality. She fights with Mila in her dressing room and kills her with a piece of mirror. She hides the body in a closet. Between acts she comes back to her dressing room and blood is pooling outside the closet door so she covers it with a blanket. Someone knocks on her door, she opens it to find Mila there saying she did a fantastic job.

She lifts up the blanket and there is no blood.

What could have been an interesting movie about the awakening of a sheltered and driven girl turns into an acid trip.

You never know what’s real or fake and after about the fifth scene of this, you no longer care.

The only thing that was good about the movie was Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Natalie Portman is always great but seeing “That 70’s Show” little Mila Kunis as this wild sexy vamp was just amazing. She did a fantastic job and made me a fan.

The movie however, is not recommended


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