Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Doomslayer!

I believe in dispelling myths that people willfully believe because they like to be terrified or think the worst of the world.

There are two going around now, claiming that some additives in Chicken McNuggets can kill you if you consume too many of them in a week. This has already been debunked and shows the additives referenced would require you to eat 1000 McNuggets in one sitting to get the horrible effects claimed in the article. By then, the amount of salt in the McNuggets would have already killed you.

The second myth going around is that McDonald's hamburgers don't rot and one teacher has been showing her students and doing demonstrations proving it with a 14 year old burger.

Using the scientific method, this article debunks/explains those claims:

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  1. Re: the McNuggetts

    Oh, crap. I'm dead.