Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Calco TADA!

I burn books.

It’s not really my fault. Most paper these days is made fire-resistant. But I still need a little paper to start my chimney that starts my barbeque in Spain.

It all started with the used book store. We buy too many books. Some belong on the bookshelf, some belong in the rubbish pile. Rather than dump them into the trash, we decided to donate them to the local used book store. The guy there is fantastic. Really nice guy and we want him to succeed. So, we give him our books and he gives us some credit.

Almost out of sympathy, I chose a few books to take home, but in reality, if it’s not in electronic form, I have (almost) no use for it. There were a couple Star Trek books, an Angel (the vampire from Buffy) book and something else. They’ve all been sitting next to the bed since I got them six months ago.

Today we are hosting a calcotoda. This requires the grilling of a very specific Spanish onion. And I need to start the barbeque. Magazines suck for starting fires and newspapers these days are usually fire resistant. What to use, what to use?
I wonder if this Angel book is any good? It’s old, the paper is yellowed, it looks pretty dry. Probably not fire resistant. But how is the prose?

“She smiled for the twelfth time. It looked like her head was going to split in half.”

That my friends is a book that needs to be burned.

1. Roast Calcots
2. Peel off outer leaves
3. Dip in red Romesco sauce and dip into your mouth.

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  1. Didn't I see those on Anthony Bourdain or something? Some sort of leek/green onion-y thing?