Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well, This Story is Definitely Coming to a Middle.

I think I got the quote right. Bonus points for those who can identify it.

Our adventures in Madrid are coming to a close and a new adventure will begin in Vermont starting mid-August. Yes, we are leaving Madrid and moving back to our house in Vermont. Why you may ask?

Well, a number of things. Wendy loves family and most of that's in Vermont or New York. She loves being part of a singing group and she can't find that here in Madrid, at least, not the format she enjoys. Our nephews and nieces are all growing up and we're missing it.

Wendy came over here to relive a dream she's had since she was fifteen and now she's done it. Part of that dream was the thought she would marry a Spanish man and join a Spanish family. 1. She married me. 2. Spanish men aren't that great. 3. The women she knows who are living that dream, have enlightened her to some of the pitfalls.

It's expensive living in two places at once. Heating the house in Middlebury while nobody is living there is expensive. Rent on this apartment is not nothing. Writing is not panning out like I thought it would and I should enter the workforce again and I know I can do so very easily back in Vermont. I loved working at the high school and would love to do so again.

Wendy may have a new job (should everything work out and it seems like it is so far) that requires her to call the west coast. If we stay in Madrid, her work day starts at 6:00 p.m. In the states it starts at noon.

We've seen a great deal of Spain. We have traveled all over it. Our journey here is nearing its end.

We'll miss Spain a great deal. We'll miss the excellent food, the liberal atmosphere, the terraces in the sun, our excellent friends here, the scenery, the fiestas, the roasted babies, the Madrileno people (okay, who am I kidding, we won't miss them a bit. :-) Madrileno's are rude and foul mouthed actually.)

But, we do miss Vermont. We miss family. We miss our friends. I miss poker night. I miss writing about Magic with people who say clever, funny things that I can understand and write about. My Magic writing has taken a serious downturn due to the communication barrier. (That and my refusal to play anything other than mono green.)

We miss the house that Wendy has transformed into a castle. Transformed into our home. We miss the river behind our house and our green, so very green, lawn and people watching on the porch and my parents next door. I might even miss deer hunting a little bit. Plus, who can resist the siren lure of mowing the lawn twice a week at the beginning of summer or the joy of shoveling your driveway every single day in the winter? I ask you – Who can resist that?

We sent out a note to some people informing them of this and our friend Diana Arteaga sent us this video welcoming us home.

Diana was Wendy’s intern for a year and she became an integral part of our lives. We spent Christmas in Columbia with her and her family and we still miss her. Having her come in every weekday and going out to lunches on Friday’s that sometimes lasted nine hours and having her attend all our parties, she became a part of us. Anyway…

We’re not going to stop adventuring or exploring. Hell no. We’re just going to make our base of operations our beautiful house in Vermont.

We will be returning home August 17th.


  1. You guys seem to have experienced more in a few years than most people do in a lifetime! It's obvious that the location is not what your adventure is about but who you are sharing it with.

    Livin' the dream :)

  2. Congrats! How exciting for you both, and as Tony says, I'm sure the adventure will continue elsewhere. Hope it is great fun! At least you won't have to listen to the sounds of construction every day for the rest of your lives :D

  3. Pretty sure the quote you want is "my days of not taking you seriously are definitely coming to a middle."

  4. Welcome back to North America! I did the same move two weeks ago: after 6 years in France, it was time to rejoin friends and family in Montreal. Europe is nice for sure but nothing beats home.

    You still have a few months ahead of you so I'm sure you'll enjoy every minutes of your last days in Europe. Even more than before actually, now that you know it will be over soon.

  5. And we will miss you by 3 days! We're vacationing in Vermont this summer from the 6th to the 14th. Drat! I would love see Wendy and meet the love of her life (because if Wendy says you're awesome, I believe it). Best of luck on the continuation of your adventure, State-side.

    Roasted babies??!!

  6. Thanks Jen, I wish I could meet you as well.

    Roasted Babies refers to Europe's love of suckling goat, suckling pig, suckling lamb, etc. If it's a baby, they can't wait to throw it on a spit over a roaring fire!

    I wrote about that too. Look for the entry "I was promised kittens."