Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have discovered why Blogger sucked for me.

Because I have been trying to use it with Internet Explorer.

Bill Gates was quoted as saying something like "It doesn't ship until Netscape doesn't work."

I can't find the exact quote but that was during the early browser wars and Bill was ordering his team to make it so that Windows had built in code that would mess with Netscape Navigator, making it crash more and be less effective at browsing the web.

Yeah, he got into a lot of trouble with that one.

Well, now I think Google is doing the same thing. I am typing this in Firefox and wow, does everything on Blogger all of a sudden work again. I can format text, I can cut and paste, I am assuming I can center pictures again and have them pop up when you click on them.

Let's try.

Biker Thor says "Touch my bone you get dragged behind my Harley."

Yup, the Dog of Thunder is centered and (unlike in IE) when I click on the picture it expands to full size.

My blogging just got a lot less frustrating.


  1. Hey Jamie!

    Came to see what you've been up to/how your eyes are. Good to know the healing goes well.

    Superman vs. Batman? I know, I'm into punishment, but Batman for me, and he DOES have kevlar or something to fight off the cops, so that could help in the modern day...

    Magic? I hadn't been involved for over a decade when I started playing again with a friend. We found you can get some good deals online by buying used cards from Amazon and Wizards. Of course I don't compete on a tourney level, but found for $30 I could buy 1,000 cards which were mixed common/uncommon/some rare. They are all in great shape too... Maybe that's a possibility?

    Hey to Wendy and Vermont misses you guys too! -
    Kim Ward

  2. Aah! My eyes! The new background is awful!

  3. Thanks for fixing the background. I can read the text again!

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