Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Magic in Spain

Hilary and Michele have arrived in Spain. We showed them a lot of Madrid yesterday and then we came back to the apartment, I carved us some jamon, and we talked until way past dark. This morning I have made them bacon and eggs for breakfast. Wendy jumps in the shower and I am at the computer, Hilary and Michele are relaxing on the couch.

Michele asks, "Do they have a comic store here? A place to play Magic?"

"Yes and yes. I used to play at two different game stores and there is a comic shop."

"Not all in one?"


Hilary pipes up with "I want to play Magic while I'm here."

"Good luck with that, I don't have enough cards for two decks right now."

"No, I mean in a draft."

"Do you understand Spanish? Because all the cards are in Spanish."


"Because I've had over two-hundred hours of classes and I can't read the cards flawlessly yet. Do you know the latest set by looking at the pictures and knowing what they do?"


"You would have as much luck in the draft just showing up with a deck of playing cards. Ha! Nine of clubs bitch!"

We all laugh.

Michele says "Why don't you go down, pay them your entry fee and then just leave?"

And again we all laugh.

Well, everyone but Hilary who just glares at us.

Welcome to Spain.


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  2. Have you purchased any of the duel decks? They are a decent way of jumping into a game - almost all of them have some assortment of decent rares and collectible commons/uncommons. While I'm not a fan of knights vs. dragons I give a hearty recommendation to Phyrexia vs. the Coalition (tons of quality for Commander/EDH especially) and Tezzeret vs. Elspeth.

  3. I am with Hillary. And maybe I draft way too much,but I am familliar enough with the cards that I would give it a go with foreign language cards. There are likely a few I would need help with, but this is draft, not Pro Tour stuff.

    You have commented several times that the language, on cards and with your opponent, is holding you back. I can see that from a perfectionist wanting to be in control, my only goal is to win and get back on the Pro Tour perspective. But from a get out there, explore and try new things, practice spanish as much as I can I do not get it. I have lived in a Foreign country and learned the language, and it never feels completely comfortable. It always feels like I am a little lost. I was only 18 at the time so I held back a lot, and I sure regret it now.

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  5. Wecome to Spain!
    El jamon esta muy muy rico! Aprobecha para comerlo!