Thursday, May 5, 2011

Multifocal Intraocular Lenses

If you break three pair of sunglasses in one month does that mean you are really careless or does it mean you should start buying sunglasses that cost more than five, five and ten dollars?

So, back to the rambles just to get my writing juices flowing for more important stuff. Lets finish up on the eyes.

As I was saying, I love my new lenses. I hate wearing glasses and having to carry them everywhere. And, now I get to wear sunglasses and can still see. On the not so good side, they have some side effects that really remind me I actually am seeing through a man-made lens. Florescent lights with their hundred strobe a second effect, plays havoc with my vision. It doesn’t make me blind or anything but it does make it harder to read small print or pick out one object out of dozens. What I am describing is a supermarket. Things take on a softer edge to them, making them less distinct, and the time when you most often need to read small print is on food labels. Any florescent light bugs my eyes a little and most energy saving lights are florescent. And their numbers continue to grow.

Even normal lights can be different. This only happens when it is dark and there is only one light source and it does not have a good shade. They have a halo or even a half moon under or around them depending on the angle. Imagine a row of streetlights insufficiently lighting a street because they are spaced too far apart. Each of those lights will have an edge of light around it. Not a big deal, just an additional fact.

Finally, there is now a clear distinction between my peripheral vision and my straight on vision. It is easily ignored but I can see where the lens ends and my natural eyesight to the side starts. The best way I can describe it is like wearing glasses inside your head. You can put on a pair of reading glasses and everything you see straight ahead will look slightly different than everything to the side. Or wearing sunglasses that don’t have the side covers. Everything you see straight ahead will be in shade, everything to the side will be brighter. I don’t have any difference in the amount of light, but that illustrates it well. For comic book fans, imagine what Cyclops sees when he has his mask on.

The benefits far outweigh the minor differences artificial lenses create. I had also read up on all of this before the operation and knew this was all going to happen.

But, its different reading about something and experiencing it. And this blog has always been about, essentially, what I feel like rambling about today. And this morning, that thing is my eyes.

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