Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts - To the two Mars.

My apologies to all my readers. Life has been pretty hectic and when it hasn't been, we were on vacation. I am hoping to have many entries this week about our trip to Venice. Musings on just the first twenty-four hours there should be about ten pages. Hell maybe I'll try and bang out the beginning today. A couple random things:

To the lovely couple we met from Mallorca with the lovely daughter named after the ocean (Mar, same as her mother) we have somehow lost your contact information. Please email me.

Had an eye appointment today and now I am sitting here with the windows drawn and reading glasses on. In order to check the placement of the lenses and look at the healing they had to dilate my eyes. This makes it hard to focus and everything is blindingly bright.

The new lenses in my eyes are great with a few caveats. On the plus side, I no longer need to wear glasses unless the print is very very small. My eyes were so bad before the operation I needed them on to see my food so I could eat, and so the TV wasn't blurry. Also, do you know how hard it is to wear reading glasses and sunglasses at the same time? So, now I have a spiffy new set of shades. They are my third and cost me ten dollars in Granada. (The first two five dollar pairs broke.) So now, I can see, and wear sunglasses where in the past I would be called "six-eyes."

More on that in a bit. Wendy is ready to go do errands.

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