Friday, May 6, 2011


Venice Part II will be coming soon. No, really.

Saw Thor with Wendy, Lena and Stefan last night. Somehow, the fact that this movie was in 3D had eluded me. GLEEE!!!!

I don’t really have a whole lot to say on this movie. It was adequate but its high rating on Rotten Tomatoes led me to expect more. Sure, the actors did an amazing job; every single one of them. Odin was great, Thor was great, Natalie Portman was, well, Natalie Portman so shut up. I enjoyed the depiction of the warriors three, Heimdall and Loki. While Lena thought Sif was hot, I thought she should have been a bit hotter. Thor with his shirt off made Lena and Wendy make primitive, guttural noises all men want to hear, only directed at them instead of someone else.

The frost giants were giants in the sense that NBA players are giants. They were like seven feet tall. Seriously? Those are giants?

The dialogue was clever, funny and well done, I believe thanks to the story being done by J. Michael Straczynski.

As Wendy said and I have to agree, it was just a bit thin. There was too much character background, a few things that didn’t make sense, a blossoming love that had no back-story, and character actions that didn’t follow logical previous actions.

The CGI was great, the 3D was amazing at times and we all enjoyed it. Lena and Stefan left us to retrieve their car and on the walk home Wendy and I agreed that X-Men, X-Men II, Spider Man, Spider Man II, and Iron Man were all better movies. Also, Wendy was disappointed we never saw our little dog (Thor, Dog of Thunder.)

"He was in the pet shop."

"Pet Shop?"

"I need a horse!"

"Oh yeah, I didn't see him."

"There was a dachshund puppy in one of the cages."

This was a good movie and well worth seeing in 3D but it wasn’t exceptional.


Three stars (out of five)

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  1. Somehow, I think I'm more excited to see "Kung Fu Panda II".