Sunday, June 19, 2011

They got it.

My father is terrified of flying. Much like I was a lifetime ago. He conquered that fear for us.

We have desperately wanted them to come to Madrid to experience what we have lived for the past four years, and this week, they finally did.

And they got it. They really, really, GOT it. Do you know how that feels to us?

"Let us introduce you to all these things that we love. If you don't love them, that's okay, but we want you to experience it."

They were in awe. Just like I was when I first came here (book link on the side, hint, hint.) They loved the people, the architecture, the food, the history, the living statues, all of it.

We wanted to take them to a seafood restaurant and order a cold seafood platter and a hot seafood platter but it's so different than American seafood. Percebes, and crab guts and cigala and shrimp and all cold with no cocktail sauce. Also a hot seafood plate with shrimp and cigala grilled with salt and olive oil. Clean and natural and delicious with no sauce.

Will they like it? Will they like any of it? Of the two, which will they prefer?

They loved it.

They loved all of it. They devoured the cold plate, delaying the cooked seafood, and when that came, they devoured that as well.

We took them for "Carne Rojo" (Red Meat 600 grams.) and at the end of the meal, my dad said "That is the way steak is supposed to taste."

We took them to many places. Today was Korgui. When the meal was done they both echoed "How can we go back? The food here is so clean, so good, so pure, so tasteful, so different!"

The food here is amazing. Of all of the things we showed them, all impressed them, but I think they really understood the most how different the food is here.

Dad said "This is the way steak is supposed to taste. I will never be able to taste steak again without comparing it to this."


  1. That's really awesome.

    Did they see the shiny goat? Did they truly GET the shiny goat? That goat still haunts my dreams ;)

  2. The shiny goat did not make an appearance. :-( We were very sad as we wanted it to haunt their dreams as well.

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