Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ramble time

* Lorelei told me I would not get any responses to "My Wife the Spy part III" because it is too scary. It looks like she is right. I'm glad she is out of that business now.

* There is not a day that goes by that we do not think "I cannot wait to start our new life in Vermont. I cannot wait to have one home. I cannot wait to have a yard, a king sized bed, a lack of construction every morning, a gym where people understand etiquette and air conditioning and customer service and... etc."

*We will miss Spain, don't get me wrong, but our time here is done for the moment.

*After a five year wait, GRRM new novel is a huge disappointment to me. GRRM is the guy who wrote the book and HBO series "A Game of Thrones" both of which are excellent. This is the best way to explain how I feel: There is another fantasy series called "The Wheel of Time." Go look at the reviews on Amazon for books 5-10 of that series by Robert Jordan. The author of those books died before he could complete the series. GRRM is making the same mistake Robert Jordan did. We want to hear the rest of the story and instead he is describing how mushrooms in butter and garlic taste. Why Daenerys Stormborn has to wear a particular robe even though she hates it. How hard it is to run the night's watch or the politics necessary to win over a cities heart. GRRM wants to describe fashion, food and pissing in a bucket for endless pages rather than tell us what happens next. I am sorry to be harsh GRMM but you are not a young man and you may suffer the same fate as Robert Jordan. What could be a classic along the lines of "The Lord of the Rings" is rapidly sinking into literature that is reviled by your fans.

*I am exhausted. Last weeks excursion has left me sleeping badly but with a lot to do. I am over-stimulated and that is bad for me. Today I walked the dog, bought a new shower rod, hung up two shower curtains, bathed the dog, cleaned the pool, (it's a small pool on our terrace but still, it needed cleaning) filled out a stack of papers thicker than my fist that are required for my new job, cleaned the terrace, wrote this, confirmed with my doctor my iPhone had been stolen and I had lost my next appointment with him, called the electric company, answered five emails, updated my Facebook status thrice, wrote a review for Amazon and made some lunch. (I'm reaching now aren't I?) Yeah, my life is hard. Anyone with children will know that was extreme sarcasm.

*Mark Waid tweeted about the reboot of DC "That's not a knock on the reboot. I trust Grant. But every time I hear the words, "Superman needs to be more relatable," I lose my mind." I couldn't agree more. Superman is not supposed to be relate-able. You don't "get" Superman if you think the average man can relate to him... Wow, holy cow do I feel passionate about that. Dear Grant, take your All-Star Superman run and start from there. Do NOT go in the other direction.


  1. Sorry but I remember reading the first volume of TWoT and that was already a tedious bore with absolutely no character depth. If you didn't see it comming then... Well I thought it was pretty obvious where that story was heading.

  2. I disagree - GoT can drone endlessly - I just don't want it to end.
    I did think that about The Name of the Wind series though. Great first book, second one all I could think is WTF? GET to it! Everyone irritated me and I was mad I'd waited so long for it. I'll still read the final book, though.