Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hotspot Rambles

Did you know we're moving back to Vermont? Movers come tomorrow. The apartment will have paper plates, two computers, a bed and a couch. For four days before we fly home.

Internet right now is through what's known as a "hotspot" on Wendy's iPhone, which, through 3G, provides internet access. Since we have exceeded our limit on fast internet bandwidth speed, we're stuck with dial-up like internet access. Hence, very few updates.

Quick rambles: We will be home late the 17th.

The little dog is starting to show signs of age, his hearing seems gone and the four flights of steps are murder on him. He will be happy to be home to the green green grass of Vermont and four steps to get inside the house.

Wendy quit reading "A Dance with Dragons" yesterday. I don't blame her one bit. Shame on you George "Robert Jordan" Martin. (Please sir, in your next book can you stop focusing so much on peeing, torture, whining and food? Thanks.)

Ultimate Spiderman has been an amazing comic for over a decade with the same creative team. I think it is one of the best series ever. That said let me vent for a second:

Killing Superman: That was a gimmick that bored true comic fans.
Killing Captain America: Same exact thing and like we didn't know he would be back two years later. Duh.
Killing Dark Pheonix: Touching, wonderful story where she should have just stayed dead. Bringing her back ruins that entire arc.

Killing Peter Parker? (Best Jon Stewart Voice:) "How dare you sir!? I repeat! How dare you?!"

Notice I didn't say "killing Spiderman." Unlike warriors like Captain America and Superman who you actually expect to fall in battle one day, Peter Parker was just a kid doing his best to be a hero. He was the geek, the struggling high school student, the one trying to balance a job, hiding his identity from his frail aunt and trying to keep SHIELD off his back.

He gave his life heroically, saving Captain America in the process, but really? Killing a 16 year old Peter Parker.

For shame sir!


  1. "Killing Superman: That was a gimmick that bored true comic fans.
    Killing Captain America: Same exact thing and like we didn't know he would be back two years later. Duh. "

    I expected him—and pretty much anyone else the least bit popular/profitable for publishers—to be back in like 6 months, tops. John Byrne said it best.

    "Touching, wonderful story where she should have just stayed dead. Bringing her back ruins that entire arc."

    Agreed completely, even more so for Aunt May, Jason Todd and above all, Iron Fist. It was downright sleazy bringing those three back, especially if you've read Power Man & Iron Fist no. 125 which is one of the best comic books I have ever read, period. Aunt May made a graceful exit, why ruin it? Killing a child like Robin was kind of edgy for its time and made the Joker more dangerous than ever, it seems a giant step backwards to sanitize it.

    So they killed off Ultimate Peter, eh? This sounds kind of big. I remain uncharacteristically behind the times on the Ultimate line. I'm thinking of getting a one month membership to Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited as a means of getting caught up. Ever tried this thing? It kind of goes against the savory organic experience of reading a comic book—I actually quite enjoy the feeling of actually holding a back issue in my hands and being able to read bubblegum ads from 1991 or whenever—but this seems too serviceable to further ignore. I think I waited too long to jump on the Ultimate bandwagon and now its probably too expensive to buy physical copies, even reprints, of everything. Spending $3k or whatever on back issues is kind of unattractive.

    Unrelated question: you're moving back to Vermont for good? And if so, are you getting a day job when you get there or will you continue to write full time for income?

  2. Hey, how was the move? When will you be back on-blog?


  4. I realize I'm 6 months late and don't know if anyone will read this, but I'm glad to hear someone who feels similarly to how I did with Dance with Dragons. My god it took like 600 pages to get to the titular dragons. Although (spoiler warning) it was cool to reveal Aegon, or whatever the kid Targaryen heir's name was.

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