Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I hope this adequately illustrates my bizarre work environment:

Dan and Forrest have hooked up a Smartboard in which to draw out the network configuration. I swivel my chair around to watch, pretending I know what’s going on, but really just trying to learn. I’m sorry, my expertise lies elsewhere.

Side note to illustrate : The Assistant Principal stops Dan and I in the hall on the way to a job. “I’m sorry, non-work related question. Do you have a sec?”


“I can’t get my iPhone to send mail. It can receive but not send using my school account.”

Dan goes white.

Me: “I can fix that for you.”

And I do. I’m now the iPhone expert. Go me. BFD.

Dan and Forrest (from my notes that I actually don’t understand as they draw shit on the whiteboard and I fail to comprehend:)

“The VNKernals are here (drawing.) “What if we took VMware and… gibberish, gobbledegook, gibberish... “

“Yeah but NIC1 is here…”

“ But look, the 1099 switch is..”

“Sure but management is here!”

“NO, Management is here on the other two 1099’s.”

Hmmm… deep thought…

“What if we build a separate network on the Sisco switches?”

“Or, what if we move a VM over to a blade?”

“How about two blades?”


Are your eyes glazing over yet? Because mine are.

Thirty minutes later we are all staring at computer screens. I spin around. “Hey, do you guys watch “The Big Bang Theory?” Last night we watched an episode that Eliza Dushku was on.”

Blank stares.

“Eliza who?”

If you don’t understand why this is complete madness, I envy you.


  1. Speaking of Eliza Dushku... it took me a moment to remember who she was. I met her (very briefly) during my lunch break when I lived in Boston.

    Go figure.

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